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Parkinson’s diseaseExtended-release Initial dose2 mg orally once a dayDose titration should be based on tolerability and need for efficacyMaximum dose18 mg orally once a day.

Common1to 10Impotenceurinary tract infectionpyuriaurinary incontinenceurinary tract infectionRef]

Patients may switch from immediate-release to extended-releaseThe initial dose of extended-release tablet should most closely match the total daily dose of immediate-release formulationFollowing conversionadjust dose depending on response and tolerability.

If you are taking immediate-release Requip tablets . you should not take the extended-release tablets at the same time.

Common side effects of Requip includesyncopedizzinessdrowsinessdyskinesiafatiguenauseaand viral infectionOther side effects includeastheniaconfusionlower extremity edemaand diaphoresisSee below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects.

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some patients taking requip or requip xl get urges to behave in a way unusual for them.