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Lisinoprilat doses up to 1 mg/kg/daywas not teratogenic when given throughout the organogenic period in saline supplemented rabbitsSaline supplementationphysiologic saline in place of tap waterwas used to eliminate maternotoxic effects . and enable evaluation of the teratogenic potential at the highest possible dosage levelThe rabbit has been shown to be extremely sensitive to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitorscaptopril and enalaprilwith maternal and fetotoxic effects apparent at or below the recommended therapeutic dosage levels in man.

Drug InteractionsHypotensionPatients on Diuretic TherapyPatients on diuretics and especially those in whom diuretic therapy was recently instituted may occasionally experience an excessive reduction of blood pressure after initiation of therapy with lisinoprilThe possibility of symptomatic hypotension with lisinopril can be minimized by discontinuing the diuretic prior to initiation of treatment with lisinopril and/or lowering the initial dose of lisinoprilsee WarningsHypotension and Dosage

A lower starting dose is required in the presence of renal impairmentin patients in whom diuretic therapy cannot be discontinuedin patients who are volume and/or salt-depleted for any reasonand in patients with renovascular hypertension.

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the heart medicines called ace inhibitors such as lisinopril, also known as prinivil, zestoretic, and zestril .