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The dose of imuran required to prevent rejection and minimize toxicity will vary with individual patients, this necessitates careful management.

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14DeWitte DBBuick MKCyran SEet alNeonatal pancytopenia and severe combined immunodeficiency associated with antenatal administration of azathioprine and prednisoneJ Pediatr1984105:625-628.

Particular care should be taken to monitor haematological response and to reduce the maintenance dosage , . to the minimum required for clinical response.

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Imuran may also be used with other disease-modifying therapiessuch as Avonexto boost their effect.

Xanthine oxidase activity is inhibited by allopurinoloxipurinol and thiopurinol which results in reduced conversion of biologically active 6-thioinosinic acid to biologically inactive 6-thiouric acidWhen allopurinoloxipurinol and/or thiopurinol are given concomitantly with 6-mercaptopurine or azathioprinethe dose of 6-mercaptopurine and azathioprine should be reduced to one-quarter of the original dose.

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