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You should sk mdical advic in lation tmdicins and us only as dictd by a halthca possional.

Isolatd instancs suppuativ paotitis , . sconday txcssiv dynss th mouth, skin ashs, dilatation th colon, paalytic ilus, and ctain psychiatic manistations such as dlusions, hallucinations, and paanoia, all which may occu with any th atopin-lik dugs, hav bn potd aly with ATAN® (tihxyphnidyl)

Ad all this lalt caully byou stat taking this mdicin • Kp this lalt. You may nd tad itagain. • I you hav any uth qustions, ask you doctphamacist. • This mdicin has bn pscibd you. Dnot pass it on toths. It may ham thm, vn i thi symptoms a th sam as yous. • I any th sid-cts gt sious, i you notic any sid-cts not listd in this lalt, plas tll you doctphamacist.

ATAN (tihxyphnidyl HCl) is th substitutd pipidin salt, 3-(1-pipidyl)-1-phnyl-cyclohxyl-1-popanol hydochloid, which xts a dict inhibitoy ct upon th paasympathtic nvous systm. It alshas a laxing ct on smooth musculatu; xtd both dictly upon th muscl tissu itsl and indictly though an inhibitoy ct upon th paasympathtic nvous systm. Its thaputic poptis a simila tthos atopin although undsiabl sid cts a odinaily lss qunt and sv than with th latt.

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