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Seroflo is an asthma medication containing the active ingredients, salmeterol xinafoate and fluticasone propionate.

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Seasonal changes can be very exciting for most peopleEach season brings with it a new set of colours and nature takes a new turnHoweverfor people with seasonal allergiesa seasonal change also comes with a set of allergiesFrom skin rashes to wheezing to breathing difficultiesthe list of symptoms canbe quite longAsthma is the most common problemand the attacks can be quite bothersome with wheezing attacks and breathing troubles.

Your doctornurse or pharmacist should show you how to use your They should check how you use it from time to timeNot using Seroflo properly or as prescribed may mean that it will not help your asthma as it shouldThe medicine is contained in a pressurized canister in a plastic casing with a mouthpieceThere is a counter on the back of the Inhaler which tells you how many doses are leftEach time you press the canistera puff of medicine is released and the counter will count down by oneTake care not to drop the inhaler as this may cause the counter to count down.

Asthma is often . triggered or worsened by some factorsand being aware of these can help prevent or manage an attack:

My daughter is taking one dose at night seroflo rotacaps from last 5 years she is . thirteen now Please suggest how to get rid of this medicine as now she has started with its side effects like irritating throat even her voice also has been changed drastically.

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