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Zyloprim is approximately 90absorbed from the gastrointestinal tractPeak , . plasma levels generally occur at 1.5 hours and 4.5 hours for Zyloprim and oxipurinol respectivelyand after a single oral dose of 300 mg Zyloprimmaximum plasma levels of about 3 mcg/mL of Zyloprim and 6.5 mcg/mL of oxipurinol are produced.

GeneralAn increase in acuteattacks of gout has been reported during the early stages of administration of Zyloprimeven when . normal or subnormal serum uric acid levels have been attainedAccordinglymaintenance doses of colchicine generally should be given prophylactically when Zyloprim is begunIn additionit is recommended that the patient start with a low dose of Zyloprim100 mg dailyand increase at weekly intervals by 100 mg until a serum uric acid level of 6 mg/dL or less is attained but without exceeding the maximum recommended dose800 mg per dayThe use of colchicine or anti-inflammatory agents may be required to suppress gouty attacks in some casesThe attacks usually become shorter and less severe after several months of therapyThe mobilization of urates from tissue deposits which cause fluctuations in the serum uric acid levels may be a possible explanation for these episodesEven with adequate therapy with Zyloprimit may require severalmonths to deplete the uric acid pool sufficiently to achieve control of the acute attacks.

Stop taking the medication and seek immediate medical attention if any of the following occur:

The most frequent adverse reaction to Zyloprim is skin rashSkin reactions can be severe and sometimes fatalThereforetreatment with Zyloprim should be discontinued immediately if a rash developssee WARNINGSSome patients with the most severe reaction also had feverchillsarthralgiascholestatic jaundiceeosinophilia and mild leukocytosis or leukopeniaAmong 55 patients with gout treated with Zyloprim for 3 to 34 monthsaverage greater than 1 yearand followed prospectivelyRundles observed that 3of patients developed a type of drug reaction which was predominantly a pruritic maculopapular skin eruptionsometimes scaly or exfoliativeHoweverwith current usageskin reactions have been observed less frequently than 1The explanation for this decrease is not obviousThe incidence of skin rash may be increased in the presence of renal insufficiencyThe frequency of skin rash among patients receiving ampicillin or amoxicillin concurrently with Zyloprim has been reported to be increasedsee PRECAUTIONS

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