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One who offers a tulasi manjari to lord krishna gets the benefit of offering all the varieties of flowers after which he goes to the abode of lord krishna.

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Information about Tulasi.

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Vrinda deviis an expansion of Radharani who lives in Goloka Vrndavana where she is in charge of planning out the details of Krishna’s pastimesShe plans out every little thingfrom what clothes will be worn to what flowers will bloom . in the forest as Krishna traverses the pathsShe also supervises Krishna’s pastimes with her parrotswho fly past and relay to Vrinda devi what is going onWhen Krishna is performing the rasa dance with Radharani and doesn’t want to leave her in the morningVrinda devi sends her parrots who imitate the voice of Mother Yasoda calling out to Krishna looking for Himand then Krishna and Radharani hurry back to their homes to pretend to have been sleeping all nightThusVrinda devi is a very intimate devotee of Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani.

Each capsule containsTulasiOcimum sanctumAerial part extract250 mg.

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13 as the ganges, which flows through the three worlds, is glorified in the shastras, so tulasi devi is seen by the moving and unmoving creature.