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There are certain forms of pulmonary hypertensionwhich are serious in nature and worsen with timeso much so that they are even fatal at timesIt also includes forms which are non curable in naturehoweverin order to improve the quality of lifesymptoms can be reduced with proper treatmentThe treatment for pulmonary hypertension is often complex and it takes some time to find the most appropriate treatment and requires extensive follow-up careYour doctor might also need to change your treatment if it’s no longer effectiveHoweverwhen pulmonary hypertension is caused by another conditionyour doctor will treat the underlying cause whenever possible.

5Can I drive while using Penegra TabletNot recommendedPenegra Tablet might make you feel . drowsycalmIt can also impair thinking temporarilyMoreoverit can also cause blurred visionIt is considered unsafe to drive when you feel such symptoms6Is using Penegra Tablet addictiveAddictive medicines are usually classified as schedule H or X in India and schedule 2-5 in USPlease read the package information carefully.

You should always consult a doctor before you decide to take as he would know best about the dosage required by your bodyHe will also advise you about an ideal method of usage.

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penegra 100 mg tablet is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that helps to relax as well as dilate the blood vessels in the body.