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This is another effective herbal remedy for Enlarged prostate glandTraditionally in Ayurvedic medicinethis herbal supplement . is used for all types of excessive growth of various tissues including prostate glandKachnaar Guggul gives results with other supplements like Varunadi vatiShilajit Capsules within few days of using them.

Phellodendron or cork tree is a genus of deciduous trees in the family RutaceaeThe bark of the plant is used in Traditional Chinese Medical to clear heatpurge fire and moisten drynessStudies suggested Phellodendron amurense is able to inhibit prostatic contractility suggesting that it may be useful in the treatment of urological disorders caused by prostatic urethral obstruction such as in the case of BPH53]

In benign prostatic hyperplasiaBPHthere will be a sudden impact on overall quality of life of patientThis disease occurs normally at the age of 40 or above and also is associated with sexual dysfunctionThusthere is a need of update on current medications of this diseaseThe presented review provides information on medications available for BPHPhytotherapies with some improvements in BPH are also includedRelevant articles were identified through a search of the English-language literature indexed on MEDLINEPUBMEDSciencedirect and , . the proceedings of scientific meetingsThe search terms were BPHmedications for BPHdrugs for BPHcombination therapies for BPHPhytotherapies for BPHAyurveda and BPHBPH treatments in AyurvedaMedications including watchful waitingsAlpha one adrenoreceptor blockers5-alpha reductase inhibitorscombination therapies including tamsulosin-dutasteridedoxazosin-finasterideterazosin-finasteridetolterodine-tamsulosin and rofecoxib-finasteride were foundHerbal remedies such as CerniltonSaxifraga stoloniferaZi-Shen PillZSPOrbignya speciosaPhellodendron amurenseGanoderma lucidumSerenoa Repenspumpkin extract and Lepidium meyeniiRed Macahave some improvements on BPH are includedOther than these discussions on Ayurvedic medicationsTURP and minimally invasive therapiesMITsare also includedRecent advancements in terms of newly synthesized molecules are also discussedSpecific alpha one adrenoreceptor blockers such as tamsulosin and alfuzosin will remain preferred choice of urologists for symptom reliefMedications with combination therapies are still needs more investigation to establish as preference in initial stage for fast symptom relief reduced prostate growth and obviously reduce need for BPH-related surgeryDue to lack of proper evidence Phytotherapies are not gaining much advantageMITs and TURP are expensive andare rarely supported by healthcare systems.

Botulinum neurotoxinsBoNTsare well known for their ability to potently and selectively disrupt and modulate neurotransmissionBoNT is currently undergoing regulatory evaluation for urological disorders in the United States and the European Union and is not FDA approved for urologic useSeveral case studieslevel III evidencehave looked at specific BPH patient sub-populations to determine if BoNTA treatment was also effective69Kuo200570cross referencetreated 10 patients who were either in frank urinary retention or carried a large PVRwho had already failed combination medical therapyfinasteride and . alpha-blockersand who had morbid medical conditions that prohibited them from having conventional TURP surgery.

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