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Naltrexone is only helpful when it is used as part of an addiction treatment programIt is important that you attend , . all counseling sessionssupport group meetingseducation programsor other treatments recommended by your doctor.

In a placebo controlled study in which REVIA was administered to obese subjects at a dose approximately five-fold that recommended for the blockade of opiate receptors300 mg per day195/26of REVIA recipients and 00/24of placebo-treated patients developed elevations of serum transaminasesi.epeak ALT values ranging from 121 to 532or 3 to 19 times their baseline valuesafter three to eight weeks of treatmentThe patients involved were generally clinically asymptomaticand the transaminase levels of all patients on whom follow-up was obtained returned toor towardbaseline values in a matter of weeks.

In some individuals the use of opioid antagonists has been associated with a change . in baseline levels of some hypothalamicpituitaryadrenalor gonadal hormonesThe clinical significance of such changes is not fully understood.

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if they do occur, the side effects of naltrexone are most likely to be minor and temporary.