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You will tak you ist pill on th ist day you piod on th ist Sunday at you piod bgins. You may nd tus back-up bith contol, such as condoms a spmicid, whn you ist stat using Alss. ollow you docto’s instuctions.

Womn with migain (paticulaly migain/ hadachs with ocal nuological symptoms such as aua) whtak combination oal contacptivs may b at incasd isk stok.

Stop using Alss and call you doctat onc i you hav a sious sid ct such as:

On . Dc.1, 2017, Halth Canada issud a public advisoy Alss 21 and Alss 28 bith contol pills. It said ctain actd packags may contain bokn small than nomal pills, which could duc thi ctivnss.

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