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Antibiotic mdicins can caus diaha, which may b a sign a nw inction. I you hav diaha that is waty bloody, stop taking this mdication and call you docto. Dnot us anti-diaha mdicin unlss you docttlls you to.

In ats, oal doss ith 533 mg/kg sulamthoxazol 200 mg/kg timthopim poducd tatologic cts manistd mainly as clt palats. Ths doss a appoximatly 5 and 6 tims th commndd human total daily dos on a body suac aa basis. In twstudis in ats, ntatology was obsvd whn 512 mg/kg sulamthoxazol was usd in combination with 128 mg/kg timthopim. In som abbit studis, an ovall incas in tal loss (dad and sobd concptuss) was associatd with doss timthopim 6 tims th human thaputic dos basd on body suac aa.

Sulamthoxazol was not cacinognic whn assssd in a 26-wk tumoignic mous (Tg-asH2) study at doss up t400 mg/kg/day sulamthoxazol; quivalnt t2-old th human systmic xposu (at a daily dos 800 mg sulamthoxazol b.i.d. ( twic a day ).

6. Mainlla MA. Timthopim-inducd hypkalmia: An analysis potd cass. Gontol . 1999;45:209–212.

In a spaat suvy, Bumitt and Pusll alsound ncongnital abnomalitis in 35 childn whos moths had civd oal timthopim and sulamthoxazol at th tim concption shotly that.

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