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The art of being a Mentat was not eliminatedhoweversurvived through underground schoolsthe Bene Gesserit preserved the artassuming that Leto knew of this and allowed it.

Enhances memory and learning capacityThe natural ingredients in Mentat improve mental quotientmemory span and concentration ability.

Currentlythe working prototype of the Mentat system is being operated successfullyIt accepts events from many internal and external sourcesThe system processes approximately 1.5 million events per dayThe crucial and most apparent component of the entire system is an . automatic reporter module which distributes information about security incidents directly to the responsible administrators within the CESNET2 networkAS2852

Along with the Spacing Guild and the Bene Gesseritthe rise of Leto , . Atreides II to the title of God Emperor brought with it new problems for the entire Mentat orderLeto’s extremely long lifecoupled with his goal to realize The Golden Path in order to ensure humanity’s survivalsaw him hoard the Spice Melange seemingly without much concern for short-term problems.

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i hope we ll get time to do so, but if we don t this blog post can serve as a project mentat pre-mortem.