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In patints not contolld on monothapy with ibsatan hydochloothiazid, th commndd doss AVALID, in od incasing man ct, a (ibsatan-hydochloothiazid) 150/12.5 mg, 300/12.5 mg, and 300/25 mg. Th lagst incmntal ct will likly b in thtansition om monothapy t150/12.5 mg. [S Clinical Studis (14.2) .]

Quncy not potd : Puitus, dmatitis, cchymosis, ythma ac, uticaia.

Thiazids coss th placnta, and us thiazids duing pgnancy is associatd with a isk tal nonatal jaundic, thombocytopnia, and possibly oth advs actions that hav occud in adults.

Th ct ibsatan is appant at th ist dos and is clos tth ull obsvd ct at 2 wks. At th nd th 8-wk xposu, about 2/3 th antihyptnsiv ct was still psnt 1 wk at th last dos. bound hyptnsion was not obsvd. Th was ssntially nchang in avag hat at in ibsatan-tatd patints in contolld tials.

NSAIDs (nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dugs) – aspiin, ibupon (Advil, , . Motin), napoxn (Alv), clcoxib, diclonac, indomthacin, mloxicam, and oths.

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