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Mmb that you docthas pscibd this mdication bcaus h sh has judgd that th bnit tyou is gat than th isk sid cts. Many popl using this mdication dnot hav sious sid cts.

Commnts/Wanings: nwll-contolld studis hav bn don in pgnant womn tvaluat th saty amantadin. Amantadin should not b pscibd tpgnant womn.

Phamacokintics: good absoption with pak concntation at 3 hous and a hal-li 17 hous. xctd unchangd in th uin by glomula iltation and tubula sction. ducd claanc in individuals > 60 yas and in patints with nal insuicincy: hal-li is incasd whn catinin claanc is lss than 40 ml/min. Amantadin is not movd by hamodialysis.

Tak this mdication by mouth with without ood as dictd by you docto, usually onc daily. Ask you doctphamacist whn ttak you mdication sinc dint bands a takn at dint tims (ith in th moning, at bdtim). Swallow this mdication whol. Dnot cush, chw, split th capsuls/tablts. Doing scan las all th dug at onc,incasing th isk sid cts.

Thlp avoid intactions, you doctshould manag all . you mdications caully. B su ttll you doctabout all mdications, vitamins, hbs you’ taking. Tind out how this dug might intact with somthing ls you’ taking, talk tyou doctphamacist.

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amantadine is designated for the management of parkinson s disease, post encephalitic parkinsonism, and parkinsonism caused due to toxic chemicals.