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A two-ya cacinognicity study was alsconductd in mal and mal mic at oal doss up t100 mg/kg/day (appoximatly 11 tims th maximum commndd human oal dos basd on mg/m?). Ndug-inducd tumos w obsvd in any ogan.

Mtomin was not tatognic in ats and abbits at doss up t600 mg/kg/day. This psnts an xposu about twand six tims a human daily dos 2000 mg basd on body suac aa compaisons ats and abbits, spctivly. Howv, bcaus animal poduction studis a not always pdictiv human spons, mtomin should not b usd duing pgnancy unlss claly ndd.

Gt mgncy mdical hlp . i you hav signs an allgic action tActoplus Mt : hivs; diicult bathing; swlling you ac, lips, tongu, thoat.

Coadministation pioglitazon (onth ingdints in ACTOPLUS MT) and gmibozil, a stong CYP2C8 inhibito, incass pioglitazon xposu appoximatly 3-old. Tho, th maximum commndd dos ACTOPLUS MT is 15 mg/850 mg daily whn usd in combination with gmibozil oth stong CYP2C8 inhibitos [s DUG INTACTIONS and CLINICAL PHAMACOLOGY ].

Tility mal mal ats was unactd by mtomin whn administd at doss as high as 600 mg/kg/day, which is appoximatly th tims th maximum commndd human daily dos th mtomin componnt ACTOPLUS MT basd on body suac aa compaisons.

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