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Metformin is available on prescription as tablets and as a liquid that you drink.

Medicine to control blood pressuree.gbeta blockersdiureticsACE inhibitorsa statinto reduce high cholesterol levels an ACE inhibitorif you have the early signs of diabetic kidney disease.

Standard-release tablets release metformin into your body quicklyYou may need to take them several times a day depending on your doseSlow-release tablets dissolve slowly so you don’t have to take them as oftenOne dose in the morning is usually enough.

It can also be taken by children from 10 years of age on the advice of a doctor.

Two weeks agoI’ve had the pioglitazoneThey’ve introduced that one into itSobecause they increased the metformin and the gliclazideand that really didn’t have the desired effectSoyesyou knowI think they call it triyou knowtri something or othersoyou knowi.ethreetriple dosageSoyes.

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this drug is either sold alone or in combination with metformin or thiazolidinediones other anti-hyperglycemic agents .