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The principal brands are benefiber, excedrin, fensitil, gas-x, lamisil, maalox, nicotinell, otrivin, prevacid, sinecod, theraflu, triaminic, and voltaren.

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Cleanse and dry the affected areas thoroughly before application of LAMISILApply the cream to the affected skin and surrounding area in a thin layer and rub in lightlyIn the case of intertriginous infectionssubmammaryinterdigitalinterglutealinguinalthe application may be covered with a gauze stripespecially at night.

Renal impairmentUse not recommended if CrCl 35 kg250 mg/day PO for 6 weeks.

Headache diarrhea rash upset stomach abnormal liver function tests itching change in taste nausea stomach-areaabdomenpain gas.

Call your doctor at once if you have symptoms of liver damagesuch as nauseaupper stomach painvomitingloss of appetitetirednessdark urineclay-colored stoolsor jaundiceyellowing of the skin or eyesThese events can occur whether or not you have ever had liver problems before.

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