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You might take brahmi to help to treat allergies, asthma, ulcers and hypothyroidism, but the herb is best known for its uses in treating mental conditions, says the university of pittsburgh medical center.

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AnxietyEarly research suggests that taking 30 mL of Bacopa syrup daily for 4 weeks reduces symptoms of anxietyincluding nervousnessracing hearttrouble sleepingheadachestirednessdifficulty concentratingand stomach discomfortEpilepsyseizuresEarly research suggests that taking Bacopa extract for 5 months prevents seizures in , . some people with epilepsyAsthmaBackacheHoarsenessMental illnessJoint painrheumatismSexual problemsFluid retentionOther conditionsMore evidence is needed to rate bacopa for these uses.

The principal constituents of Bmonnieri are triterpene saponins of the dammarane classwhich have been named bacosides 4 and bacopasaponins56 and which contain 2 or 3 sugars eachThe saponins are considered to be primarily responsible for the bioactivity of the plantDue to the proclivity of the sapogenins to rearrange on acid hydrolysis7 the correct structures of the saponins have been difficult to elucidatedespite many chemical investigations89101112 An analytical HPLC method for the quantitation of bacoside A3 has been published13 The structure of 4 saponins of Bmonnieri have also been determined by HPLC coupled to 2-D NMRmass spectrometryand an anthelmintic bioassay14 While alkaloids were initially suspected to be the CNS-active agents in brahmi15 the very small amounts of nicotine and other simple alkaloids are no longer considered to be of pharmacologic importance16 A free triterpenebacosinehas been reported from Bmonnieri17 Other reported . constituents include mannitolcommon plant sterolsand betulinic acid4 as well as glutamic and aspartic acids18.

BY MOUTHFor improving memory and thinkinga dosage of 300 mg brahmi extract per day for 12 weeksSpecific brahmi extractsKeenMindBacoMindhave been used in studies.

Each 5 ml contains 83 mg of BrahmiBacopa monnieriwhole plant extract.

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