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Sleepiness and drowsiness can result from taking ashwagandha so caution should be observed by anyone also taking a sedative.

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Although it hasn’t bn thooughly studid, a w studis suggst ashwagandha may hlp allviat dpssion (14, 18).

Animal and tst-tub studis hav ound that ashwagandha hlps induc apoptosis, which is th pogammd dath canc clls (7).

In a 60-day study in 64 popl with chonic stss, thos in th supplmntal goup potd a 69% avag duction in anxity and insomnia, compad t11% in th placbgoup (14).

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we report in this study a chemically standardised herbal formulation of ashwagandha possessing anticancer and th1 immune up-regulatory activities.