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In cas ovdos, call th poison contol hlplin at 1-800-222-1222. Inomation is alsavailabl onlin at https://www.poisonhlp.og/hlp. I th victim has collapsd, had a sizu, has toubl bathing, can’t b awaknd, immdiatly call mgncy svics at 911.

Dnot us baclon at a tim whn you nd muscl ton sa balanc and movmnt duing ctain activitis. In som situations, it may b dangous you thav ducd muscl ton.

A vy sious allgic action tthis dug is a. Howv, gt mdical hlp ight away i you notic any symptoms a sious allgic action, including: ash, itching/swlling (spcially th . ac/tongu/thoat), sv dizzinss, toubl bathing.

Childn: This mdication hasn’t bn studid and shouldn’t b . usd in childn young than 12 yas ag.

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