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If to use generic atarax medicines the skeletal and unstriated muscles will relax.

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Kp this lalt. You may nd tad it again. I you hav any uth qustions, ask you doctphamacist. This mdicin has bn pscibd you. Dnot pass it on toths. It may ham thm, vn ithi symptoms a th sam as yous. I any th sid cts gts sious, i you notic any sid cts not listd in this lalt plas tll you doctphamacist.

Hypotnsion, though unlikly, may b contolld with intavnous luids. In adults, i sv hypotnsion psists, dtmin th caus and consid tatmnt with th ollowing; i hypotnsion is mainly du tdcasd systmic vascula sistanc, dugs such as noadnalin high dos dopamin may b bnicial, i hypotnsion is du tducd cadiac output dobutamin, in sv cass adnalin may b bnicial. Howv it should b notd that hydoxyzin has bn shown tinhibit and vs th vasopssct adnalin.

Whil taking Ataax, sk immdiat mdical attntion i you xpinc hat poblms such as . palpitations, toubl bathing, loss consciousnss. Tatmnt with hydoxyzin should b stoppd.

Hydoxyzin limination is impaid in patints with hpatic dysunction sconday tpimay biliay cihosis. Dosag should b modiid patints with hpatic impaimnt (s Sction 4.2 ‘Posology and Mthod Administation’)

Hydoxyzin has bn associatd with polongation th QT intval on th lctocadiogam. Duing post-makting suvillanc, th hav bn cass QT intval polongation and tosad d points in patints taking hydoxyzin. Most ths patints had oth isk actos, lctolyt abnomalitis and concomitant tatmnt that may hav bn contibutoy (s sction 4.8).

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studies have been showed that pamoate salt of hydroxyzine which can be found in vistaril is a better sleep inducer than hydrochloride salt of hydroxyzine present in atarax, since pamoate achieves better concentrations in the brain than hydrochloride.