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DUG INTACTIONS: S also How to Us and Pcautions sctions.You halthca possionals (.g., docto o phamacist) may alady b awa o any possibl dug intactions and may b monitoing you o it. Do not stat, stop, o chang th dosag o any mdicin bo chcking withthm ist.Bo using this mdication, tll you docto o phamacist o all psciption and nonpsciption/hbal poducts you may us, spcially o: aliskin, dugs acting th bon maow (.g., azathiopin), lithium, dugs that may incas th lvl o potassium in th blood (such as ABs including losatan/valsatan, bith contol pills containing dospinon), gold injctions.A vy sious action may occu i you a gtting injctions o b/wasp sting allgy (dsnsitization) and a also taking pindopil. Mak su all you doctos know which mdicins you a using.Chck th labls on all you mdicins (.g., cough-and-cold poducts, dit aids, nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dugs-NSAIDs o pain/v duction) bcaus thy may contain ingdints that could incas you blood pssu (.g., psudophdin, phnylphin) o duc th ct o this mdication (.g., ibupon, napoxn). Ask you phamacist about th sa us o thos poducts.This documnt dos not contain all possibl intactions. Tho, bo using this poduct, tll you docto o phamacist o all th poducts you us. Kp a list o all you mdications with you, and sha th list with . you docto and phamacist.

Pindopil is usd to tat high blood pssu. Lowing high blood pssu hlps pvnt stoks, hat attacks, and kidny poblms. This mdication is also usd to pvnt hat attacks in popl with a ctain typ o hat disas (stabl coonay aty disas). Pindopil blongs to a class o dugs known as AC inhibitos. It woks by laxing blood vssls so blood can low mo asily.

I you hav diabts, do not . us Acon togth with any mdication that contains aliskin (a blood pssu mdicin).

Contol high blood pssu (hyptnsion) Tat o hat ailu and vnticula dysunction Pvnt and tat o kidny disas in popl with diabts o hyptnsion.

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