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Opn th oil pouch containing th Diskus®. Topn th Diskus®, push th thumb gip away om you as a as it will go. You will ha a click and l a snap. Whn opn, th mouthpic will appa. Slid th mouthpic lv away om you as a as it will guntil it clicks. Th Diskus® is now ady tus. I you clos th Diskus® push th lv again, you will los th mdicin. Tun you had away om th Diskus®, and bath out tth nd a nomal bath. Dnot bath intth Diskus®. Holding th Diskus® lvl, put th mouthpic btwn you lips and tth, and clos you lips aound th mouthpic. Dnot bit down on th mouthpic. Dnot block th mouthpic with you tth tongu. Bath in though you mouth as dply as you can until you hav takn a ull dp bath. Dnot bath though you nos. Hold you bath and mov th mouthpic om you mouth. Continu holding you bath as long as you can up t10 sconds bbathing out slowly. This givs th mdicin tim tsttl in you aiways and lungs. Tun you had away om th Diskus®, and bath out slowly tth nd a nomal bath. Dnot bath intth Diskus®. I you docthas told you tinhal mthan on pu mdicin at ach dos, tak th scond pu ollowing xactly th sam stps you usd th ist pu. Whn you a inishd, clos th Diskus®. Plac you thumb on th thumb gip, and slid it back towad you as a as it will go. You will ha it click shut. Kp th Diskus® dy. Dnot wash th mouthpic, any oth pat th Diskus®. You may us a dy cloth twip it clan. Th Diskus® has a window that shows brand name cialis from japan. th numb doss that a lt. This tlls you whn you a gtting low on mdicin. Whn th Diskus® has 5 doss lt, th numbs om 5 t0 will show up in d tmind you till you psciption.

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