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People who watch ESPN are sports fans, not court fans. ESPN and accompanying suits, you are ruining sports. Please, I asking you nicely to stop slaying what our world loves. John Force and then beating Tony Pedregon, both champions, right? To be a champion you got to beat the champions, and that our goal, Wilkerson said. What we came out to do this year. We not gonna back down from that goal.

Humphries broadly presents the anti communist reaction of the postwar years as an effort by figures such as Hoover to defend the existing social order against the radicalism that had emerged in the working class and other social layers during the Great Depression. These oppositional elements had “joined forces in ways that threatened simultaneously the status quo, the supposedly classless nature of American society and the relations between groups and classes based on power structures so long in place that they were taken for granted.” (p. 3).

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