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When Virginia’s (now outgoing) Republican Senator George Allen

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canada goose sale They prod firms to make decisions that they wouldn’t make but for the subsidy. With enough subsidies, [Gov. Scott’ Walker could conceivably get orange growers to relocate to Wisconsin and build greenhouses. Thanks also to everyone who made this blog such a success the 15 BBC journalists who cheerfully added it to their already huge list of responsibilities, and to you readers who contributed over 3,000 comments on everything from the economics of the oil business to where to get grits in London.This blog may be closing up shop now, but keep your eyes peeled Matt Frei resumes his Washington cheap canada goose diary next week. Look for him on Wednesday.Till then, good night, and good luck.10 Nov 06, 05:06 PMThere was frustration with Iraq and concern about corruption but you could argue that the real clincher for the Democrats, in the Senate at least, was the presence of mind of a young American of Indian descent.When Virginia’s (now outgoing) Republican Senator George Allen turned his gaze towards 20 year old S R Siddarth a “tracker”, filming the Allen campaign for his Democratic rival, Jim Webb and referred to him as “macaca”, a type of monkey, it turned the campaign on its head.The footage of the incident became a YouTube phenomenon and Senator Allen was accused not for the first time of casual racism.He may have been able to shrug it off, were it not for his status as a potential presidential candidate and the awkward way he handled the later revelations of his Jewish heritage.In a few short weeks, the senator went from being a shoo in to getting booted out of office.For their part, the Allen camp tried to portray their opponent Jim Webb as a sexist; using comments he’d made about women when he was in the Navy and passages from his novels as evidence. But it didn’t work.A majority of Virginia’s women voters supported Jim Webb canada goose sale.