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cheap canada goose ‘You shouldn’t be out of the house,’ an old lady was told poet tells what happened nextAnna Woodford has written a sequence of poems about wellbeing and mobility which are to feature in an exhibition in Newcastle16:00, 25 AUG 2017Anna Woodford with the poems written as part of the Co Motion scheme (Image: ncjMedia) Get what’s on updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAnna Woodford has been on the buses not just her but her poems, displayed on 100 of the vehicles as they helped people about their business in York.The special sequence of seven poems came out of Anna’s work with Co Motion, a three year investigation into the links between mobility and wellbeing among older people.It involved academics from the universities of York, Newcastle, canada goose sale Northumbria and Leeds.The poems were on the York buses and now they are part of an exhibition called Poetry in Motion which is to open at Newcastle City Library to herald National Poetry Day (September 28) and the United Nations designated International Day of Older Persons (October 1).The exhibition will also feature artwork and a short film by Julie Ballands who, like Anna, lives in Newcastle. It will move to York after the Newcastle showing.Anna explains that Co Motion researchers worked with a group of nearly 100 older people defined, perhaps alarmingly for some of us, as being 55 and over who included a group from Hexham.These were part of the Newcastle element of the research headed by Rose Gilroy, professor of ageing, policy and planning at Newcastle University, with whom Anna has worked closely.”These people have all gone through significant transition in their lives, positive or negative,” says Anna.”It could have been a bereavement, becoming a carer for someone or even having a grandchild being born.”The project, with York and Newcastle as the big players, were looking at the link between wellbeing and mobility.”Anna says she came in towards the end of the project, commissioned to write a sequence of poems which would reach people who would never see the weighty research findings even if they might one day benefit if recommendations become policy.”One of the key findings was that it’s less people’s physical mobility that determines their wellbeing than their attitude to their mobility, and also other people’s attitudes,” says Anna.”You can have someone who’s stubbed a toe and feels dreadful and someone else who’s profoundly physically affected in some way but has a positive attitude and still gets out.”It’s also about the effect we can all have on each other.”Anna tells of the elderly woman who worked hard to build up her confidence enough to go out of the house.”It was a big effort for her but then she slipped and fell. Someone came up to her and, probably in a well meaning way, said, ‘You shouldn’t be out of the house’ cheap canada goose.